Kiss to Language – Translation Services
Your Hungarian language service provider


Kiss To Language Translation Services is my language service provider company.

I only translate into my mother tongue – Hungarian – from English, Italian and German, but with help of very talented translators and proofreaders, I also am able to manage translations in any combination across these four languages.

Every – any – job, on which I work is important to me. I only translate in fields, where I am specialized.

There are fields, which are close to me, and where I have enough background knowledge – or experience – to be sure, that what I translate will be of high quality. I have 5+ years experience in technical (mechanics, electronics, automatization, CNC interface strings) and IT (hardware, software and network based services, interface, mobile application interfaces) translations, while 3+ years experience in translating marketing material and websites (in the above mentioned areas).

Translating is not only my job, it is also my passion.

I help Translators Without Borders to make important health-related Wikipedia articles available in Hungarian, and do regular crowd translation for MyHeritage’s website.
Being social is today’s slogan. I like being social with people, who I share interest with. During the year, I participate in 1 or 2 important professional conferences to keep myself up-to-date about what are the hot topics in today’s translation market.

My hardware and software is up-to-date and is kept in good condition. I back-up into my Google Drive, but the most important files, like the translation memories I also back-up into a separate hard disk every day.

One of my most valued characteristics is that I respond almost immediately to every incoming inquiry. I am one of those geeks, who are 24/7 connected to the internet and sleep with the smartphone under the cushion.

I would appreciate, if you would get in touch in a social network, which we both use. If you are interested in translating or translations, I can assure you, you will find important, interesting and funny news.

If you need my services for a linguistic task, then please let me know, so we find the best solution for you!